Hublot Catalogue —


Concepting — Branding — Art Direction — Graphics — Print

Client — Hublot

Role — ACD

Company — Huge


Hublot is more than a Swiss watch brand, they are statement pieces, a talking point, is a lifestyle, ultimately a reflection of you. As a brand they marked a history of changing perception hence this lead us to create more than just a catalogue.

Our aim was to create a memorable experience through making something that lasts while shining a light on the craft.

Hublot are pioneers of combining contrasting elements.

In 1980, Hublot revolutionized watchmaking by combining an 18K gold case with a rubber strap, creating for the first time a new type of watch. This daring alliance established the first expression of the “Art of Fusion” which has become the Manufacture’s sign of recognition.


Juxtaposition as an art form.

What does that mean? A catalogue of contrasts & discovery where every page is a fusion of layers, that bring product, materials and digital experiences to life.


Through the combination of paper stocks and print techniques that are antagonists to create a memorable sensorial experience.


Use of antagonist colours. When combined or placed next to each other, they create the strongest contrast.


The art direction of this route, follows the concept thought of multi layered content. Embodying the sense of discovery at every turning page for consumers.

Multi Dimensional

Your device acts as a new dimension to the catalogue. As we reveal the layers we surface content behind the story of each product.