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Concepting — Art Direction — Digital — E-Commerce

Client — Selfridges

Role — ACD

Company — Huge


So much more than an E-com site.

Where culture & commerce collide to make the world brighter.We are creating a unique convergence where storytelling and transactions meet. Both inspiring and useful at the same time and woven around you.


We are creating a unique convergence where storytelling and transactions meet.

Weaving in wonder through experience

Bring wonder with you

We want to bring a touch of wonder to people’s daily lives; and this means being present wherever they are, and whenever they want.

This, of course, means designing mobile-first.

A sense of discovery

Like a curator Selfridges creates a juxtaposition of objects, opinions and events. A living, breathing, ever-changing interaction. A guided journey through our unique curatorial point of view, open to everyone anywhere in the world.

We’ll collide products customers ask for alongside things they never thought they would see.

So easy it feels like magic

The art direction of this route, follows the concept thought of multi layered content. Embodying the sense of discovery at every turning page for consumers.We aim to design a site that is so clear and intuitive that those trainers you are looking for appear as if by magic.

Clear way finding and a super search will allow people to find what they want in seconds.

Shop the wonder

Let’s make shopping our editorial even easier and more intuitive. And let’s make it possible to “shop the look” on our product pages too - so when you’re buying a shirt but love the trousers it’s styled with, you can pop those in the bag without looking any further…

Surfacing wonder

Our content is designed to bring a sense of wonder, inspiration and excitement, but it often becomes buried and hard to find We will explore how to surface this content so that it reaches the right customer at a time that they want it.

We also have amazing products that can become lost like needles in a haystack. We will explore ways in which we can make these treasures visible to those who would love them. eg. The Drop

Weaving in wonder through content

Wonder through content

Our content strategy will deliver elements of pure wonder.

Our (physical) shops are real life wonder material.

From the Flipside to a Music Matters gig, to the coolest customers you’ve ever seen, Selfridges real life shops provide a rich breeding ground for incomparable content. It is hard to make an Editorial shoot uniquely ours, but a live stream of Michelle Lamy in the Art Tank, or an archive of our most inspiring creative projects is unmistakably us.

Creative Direction and Huge will work on a special project that explores how we weave the physical and digital together to create a new form of wonder.

Weaving in wonder through design

Space that allows wonder to shine

Our stores are not designed in uniform grids - we are not a supermarket, so why should our site be? Breaking the grid allows for interesting and considered pause moments. It is this space that allows moments of wonder to shine.

Artful use of typography

The artful use of typography can help us weave in wonder simply by being beautiful.

A site that springs to life

We can bring wonder to the journeys through our site with a sense of playfulness. will not be static, but will come alive when you interact with it.

Wonder does not come in grey

Selfridges is not a one-note, monochrome brand, and the notion of “Wonder” does not come in grey-scale.

The expert use of colour will be integral to our design system.Creating the right colour palette in reflection of the season and our point of view will help bring the digital space to life and will build a strong visual language.